The goals of our association are to:

  • Foster a fellowship amongst marine and aquatic teachers by means of general meetings, conferences, regional branch gatherings and a newsletter that disseminates and exchanges information amongst those concerned with marine education.
  • Mentor new marine and aquatic teachers into the profession by supporting teacher training institutions and providing incentives to attend conferences and regional meetings.
  • Upgrade teacher qualifications by providing training courses in partnership with RTO’s.
  • Generate career pathways for students by fostering partnerships with government departments, industry sponsors and Boatsafe Training Organisations. (Eg, Yachting Queensland, Environmental Education Centres.)
  • Develop policy documents that will assist in the continued delivery of the subject in schools by establishing constructive dialogue with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Education Queensland, Marine Safety Queensland and other industry organisations.
  • Maintain a record of RTO’s and educational suppliers on our Website to enhance student career prospects.
  • Conduct a regional community event called a Marine Safety Day to promote safety, marine environmental awareness and best environmental practice in the sea by fostering links with other organisations interested in marine education.
  • Provide access to a curriculum exchange of resources, members news, teacher qualification exemptions, approved providers for schools and any other information useful in the smooth conduct of marine education in schools by developing and managing a website.
  • Protect and enhance the marine environment as well as promote its cultural heritage by assisting in the development of syllabi or policy documents with State and Federal Government Departments or Agencies.
  • Provide any other service that may be in the best interest of marine teaching in Queensland.
  • Provide a current list of Queensland schools teaching Marine Science and/or Aquatic Practices