MTAQ Marine Teachers Association of Queensland

ABN: 70 652 509 393

P.O. Box 1258
Coolum Beach Qld 4573

Publicity Officer

Joline Lalime


Craig Reid
Meridan State College
07 5490 2666


It is an expectation of the Secretary to:
Complete the roles as outlined in the rules of the association.  The secretary's functions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Calling meetings of the association (at least 3), including preparing notices of a meeting and of the business to be conducted at the meeting in consultation with the president of the association.
  2. Keeping minutes of each meeting ensuring chairperson signs minutes
  3. Keeping copies of all correspondence and other documents relating to the association.
  4. Maintaining the register of members of the association by delegating this to the office administration and ensuring correct procedures are followed such as;
  • Advising new members of public liability, privacy policy and terms and conditions via the automated email
  1. Check that the Public Liability insurance has been paid
  2. Censor/delete member forum postings.
  3. Edit all correspondence
  4. Edit website content to ensure integrity
  5. Review what information is being sent to new and renewal members
  6. Upload minutes of meetings to web site
  7. Deal with membership issues such as lost passwords
  8. News letter to be sent bi-monthly
  9. Generate membership invoices and mail
  10. Seek and receive newsletter articles together liaising with publicity officer